Food or Philosophy?

Two thousand and five hundred years ago, the Persian Empire’s ambition of expansion surpassed its vast area. The empire considered cities, such as Sparta and Athens, as disloyal, and that they must return to the empire’s rule. Ancient Persian armies began marching towards the young cities of the West. The rulers of those two cities, […]

Reinterpreting traditional thoughts

Ibrahim (Abraham), father of all prophets, spent a long time looking for the truth. According to the Quran, in his search, his faith shifted from the belief in the Planet, to the Moon and the Sun. It was only later that he finally got to know Allah. As impressive as his devotion to discovering the […]

What’s your English?

As Americans our accent is a dead give-away when traveling abroad, but for those who don’t know, we also have different accents regionally. There is of course North Eastern accent for example: cawfee (for coffee), Southern Y’all (for you all) , Mid-Western, Western, and ur Valley girl.


The mysterious knight that stole your heart has left you with only his tracks of dust which dissipate quickly once you lose sight of him. It has taken quite sometime to heal from those inner wounds. Your dark and handsome knight discarded you because you suddenly weren’t good enough for him. Time has elapsed…so you now move on with […]

Why Would One Hate Himself ?

“I hate myself,” I often hear this cliché, and Irecently felt its influence when I failed to be alone with myself even for one day in the week. Most of us spend time tending to work-related issues, even at home, because we often take our work home with us, keep it in our hearts, and […]

Love and Faith

Here are a few letters I sent to a dear friend, who told me one day that he felt the need to love again: My friend, we can never appreciate the essence of love. Like fire and empty space, soul and existence, time and eternity. Even Averroes, the great philosopher, could not find the scope […]

Why the hand-written letters?

I launched a call on Twitter, as I wanted to revive the old habit of writing the traditional letters, trying to move away from the purely electronic form of communication. I provided my P.O. Box number, explaining that I was keen to receive a letter written by hand. Needless to say, I promised to write […]