Love and Faith

Here are a few letters I sent to a dear friend, who told me one day that he felt the need to love again:

My friend, we can never appreciate the essence of love. Like fire and empty space, soul and existence, time and eternity. Even Averroes, the great philosopher, could not find the scope of it.
Love is light, not restricted by directions or boundaries, and when it breaks, darkness vanishes; it will be eliminated from the annals of history.

Love, like memories, suggests, but does not accept suggestions; it comes to us, we do not go to it, it may kill us, yet we yearn for it. Never escape memories; they are with you even when departing them; the farther you get from them, the closer they become!

Let yourself be loved, and do not seek to be a lover, as loving means looking for love, which is an absurd process, like trying to paint vacuum in a portrait! What a crazy thing to try! How can we find vacuum? Love is nothingness, my friend, but it is the antithesis of everything; and without it, life becomes mere death.

Do you know what the antithesis is? It is what you are constantly trying to avoid; and if you, by chance, find it, then you realize that your life before it was all in vain. How great it is to find our antitheses in life! They are the only means to strive for perfection.
They also make us realize that love does not only lie in beauty and happiness, but also in grief. I can assure that unhappiness is the wick of love. Had it not been for Khawla’s departure, Tarafa ibn Al Abd wouldn’t have composed his great poem that starts with the line:
“There are traces yet of Khawla in the stony tract of Thahmad,
Apparent like the tattoo-marks on the back of a hand”

Do you know what the traces, the ruins left behind, are? They epitomize all that we fear, yet seek unconsciously. They are the sweet pain, feeling self-pity, and enjoying self-pain.

Ruins are love, my friend—love, indeed. Do not linger at them much. There is no death in love, but you will find no life either. Love is controversial, achieved only with existence of its antithesis, with no synthesis made of them both. Good and evil, soul and material, light and darkness, and death and life—just like the banks of a river—run in parallel. If they happen to meet, their inundation will stop, and a lake would be formed instead.

Do you know what the lake is?
It is both the end and the beginning of love. It is a combination of all the experiences its water passed through—of rocks, pits, trees and plants. It is a large image that depicts all what water has passed by, of elements and views encountered during its long journey. Hence, it is possible to estimate the age of lakes, but not the age of rivers.
Do you know the meaning of travel?
Travel is never a departure; it is an eternal emancipation from the exterior of life and going deep into its interior—into the core. Travel is the reunion of body and soul in their pursuit of happiness, which is the shortest path between a man and his heart. Travel is the intimate meeting between mind and the idea yet to be born.
Do you know what the idea is?
It is a manifestation of our past life in time immemorial, in the memory of the universe, and in the dreams of time. It is the life that we wish we lived, even if very thorny and cruel, as it at least represents us and our dreams, so that we will not suffer the way we suffer in our current life.
Do you know the meaning of cruelty?
It is our desire to be creatures other than humans. Cruelty is a passage of time; we want it to continue and it tends to run fast and leave. When we are cruel, we return to our first nature of soil, whereby water turns into clay, but cruelty turns it into hard stone.
Love is cruelty; definitely it is! So have more affection for yourself.
Lovers love the past and fear the future. For them, past is survival, and future is annihilation. Present is a twilight that we love in a moment, and then wish it vanished, so as not to be bored of its colors or its place.
Do you know what “place” is?
It is a human state in which mind conflicts with heart, as mind always tries to put everything within a frame and turns all that perceives into tangible entities. In contrast, heart believes that ‘place’ is wherever light spreads, irrespective of location. Is heaven a place? We know that heavens exist, but we do not know where. Therefore, ‘heavenly’ faith is in the heart, not in the mind.

Do you know the meaning of faith?
Some believe that faith is the opposite of doubt, not realizing that doubt is part of faith. When you doubt, you try to find out the truth, and when you arrive at the truth, you find faith. Faith is a universal need, as we all need it to love.
We cannot love those whom we do not have faith in, whereas we have faith in those whom we love. Love that does not bestow on us faith in ourselves is incomplete. Is not faith that had settled in the heart and was confirmed as true by sincerity?
Love is faith, my friend, indeed faith, so do not disbelieve in it.

Writer by : Yasser Hareb

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